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iPhone X Screen Repair

iPhone X Screen Repair

iPhone 7 Broken Glass Repair

iPhone 7 & 8 Screen Repair


iPhone 6(S) Screen Repair



  • iPhone 8 Plus Glass : 75$
  • iPhone 7 Plus Glass : 75$
  • iPhone 6S Plus Glass : 70$
  • iPhone 6 Plus Glass: 70$
  • iPhone 6 Glass : 65$
  • iPhone SE, 5S, 5C et 5 Glass : 55$
  • iPhone 4S et 4 Glass : 45$

iPhone screen repairs at great prices!

Now you can get your iPhone repaired without spending hundreds of dollars at the Apple store or your service provider. With Reda Solutions, you keep your iPhone and all of the information on it without wasting any time. Screen replacement is our most popular service. We offer competitive prices and our customers love our high quality products. We do screen repairs on the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and other iPhone models in just 30 minutes or less!

Repair costs can vary depending on the iPhone model, but if you find a better price elsewhere, just let us know and we’ll make sure that you get the best price possible.

  • iPhone repair without losing any information
  • Warranty on parts and labour
  • Same-day appointments

Don’t forget to mention the Code: GOOGRE14 to have the discount applied to your order. Click here for our contact information!
* Please note that repairs might take longer


iPhone specialized Repairs:

iPhone Battery Replacement


Charging Port Repair


Water Damage Repair

from: 59$


Reda Solutions has the necessary expertise to provide you with a wide range of support and repair services for any problems you may have with your device in addition to screen repair. We offer all types of repair services for Apple iPhones. Since the first iPhone 3G was released in Canada, Reda Solutions has been specialized in this ever popular product amongst consumers. We are the ones that you can trust to provide you with the best repair services when you need it the most, including water damage, audio problems, connection problems, etc. The technician will first examine your device to determine the problem and then propose a cost-effective solution, whenever possible, so that you won’t end up paying more than what your device is worth. After completing the diagnostic test, you will be provided with an estimate before your phone is repaired. All repairs are done within a reasonable timeframe, usually anywhere from 15 minutes to 24-48 hours. If the cost ends up being too high, the technician will recommend that you buy a new phone or propose a better solution for your wallet.

You can also count on us to help you configure a new device. We can help you save or recover your information and synchronize it with your computer or on iCloud. You will then be able to access your contacts, items in your calendar, your notes and all other important information from your phone with peace of mind, knowing that your information has been saved and won’t be lost. iCloud configuration services are FREE for our clients. Call us for more information. Click here for our contact page.