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Prices to Repair Devices

Price list of most common repairs

Bring your device to Reda Solutions, where one of our trained technicians will examine your problem and make suggestions for repairs, optimizations, or upgrades! We strive to have the most reasonable prices for the best, most personal service you can get. See below for our most recent pricing information. Be aware that some prices may have changed before we’ve had a chance to update our page; so always ask for our most current prices when you call or visit!

ServiceiPhone 5, 5S, 5CiPhone 6, 6S, 6+iPhone 7, 7+iPhone 8, 8+iPhone X, XRiPhone XS, XS Max
Screen Repair$59from $69$79$89$219from $229
Battery Replacement$39$49from $49from $49from $69from $69
Rear/Front Camera$49from $49from $59from $69from $79Call
Charging Port$49from $49$59$59CallCall
ServiceGalaxy S10Galaxy S9Galaxy S6, S7, S8J3, J5, J7, CoreNote
Screen RepairCallCallfrom $189from $119from $229
Battery Replacement$79$69from $49from $39Call
Back Cover$49$49$49CallCall
Charging Dock/PortCallCallfrom $59$59Call
Rear/Front CameraCallCallfrom $59from $49Call
ServiceLG G, NexusBlackBerryHuaweiGoogle PixelMotorola
Screen Repair (Glass and LCD)from 99$Callfrom $89from $99from $99
Battery Replacement$59$69$59$59$59
Rear/Front Camerafrom $49Callfrom $59from $49from $49
Ear Speaker Replacement$49$49CallCallCall
Charging Dock/Port$69from $69from $69from $69Call
ServiceiPad, Ipad 2iPad 3, Ipad 4iPad mini, 2, 3, 4iPad Air, Air 2iPad ProNew iPad
Screen Repair (Glass only)$69$69from $89from $89from $199from $99
Screen Repair (Glass and LCD)Call$129from $129from $129CallCall
Battery Replacement$79$79$79$99CallCall
Charging Dock/Port$69$69$99from $99from $99Call
ServiceSamsung TabMicrosoft SurfaceAsus TabletGoogle Nexus
Screen Repairfrom $79from $199from $79from $99
Battery Replacement$99$99$99$99
Charging Dock/Portfrom $69from $99from $69Call
Other RepairsCallCallCallCall
ServiceAverage Repair TimeMacbookMacbook ProMacbook AiriMac
Diagnostic Service24/48 hoursfrom $39Callfrom $39Call
Screen Repair24/48 hoursfrom $199CallCallCall
Mac OS Software Installation24/48 hours$69$69$69$69
Hardware Repair24/48 hoursCallCallCallCall
Components Upgrade, Hard Drive, Memory ..24/48 hoursCallCallCallCall
Data RecoveryCallfrom $79from $79from $79from $79
ServiceRepair TimeLaptopDesktop
Diagnostic Service24/48 hoursfrom $39from $39
Windows Reinstall24/48 hours$49$49
Data RecoveryCallfrom 79$from $79
Hardware Repair24/48 hoursCallCall
Virus & Spyware Removal24/48 hoursfrom $79from $79
Components Upgrade, Hard Drive, Memory24/48 hoursCallCall
Overheating and Noise, CPU Fan Repair24/48 hoursCallCall
Networking Issues24/48 hoursfrom $49from $49
BreakageApple WatchGoogle WatchSamsung Watch
Diagnostic ServiceCallCallCall
Screen Repairfrom 199$CallCall
Battery ReplacementCallCallCall
ServiceiPod Touch 4thiPod Touch 5thiPod Touch 6thiPod Classic
Screen Repair (Glass and LCD)Call$119$129Call
Battery ReplacementCallCallCallCall
Rear/Front Camerafrom $69from $69from $69Call
Charging Dock/Port$89from $99$99Call
ServicePS4, PS3Xbox One, Xbox 360Nintendo Switch, Wii U, 3DS
Diagnostic Service$39.00$39$39
Hard Drive Error Repair / Upgradefrom $99from $99Call
Charging Portfrom $79from $79from $79
Overheating Issuesfrom $89from $89Call
HDMI Port Repair / Replacement$119$119.00Call
Screen Repair......Call
Battery Replacement......Call

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