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Our 8000+ Customers LOVE Their Experience With Us!

Laptop Repair
(Translated by Google) A technician advised me to buy a new computer because there was nothing to do with mine; I had lost everything and I was not able to use it anymore. Reda Solutions has fixed everything for a super reasonable price. It was a happy coincidence that led me to this company. I will be happy to refer them and I keep their contact information. They know their stuff and the service is courteous.
– Marjolaine Veillette
Computer Repairs
(Translated by Google) A faultless customer service. An understanding and empathy of the needs of their people needing their services without reproach. When I called, I was listened to from beginning to end. I appreciate that they consider the budget I had and they offered me what I really needed, without giving me nonsense. Thanks again to Reda Solutions who repaired my keyboard and my Jack port. With that, I recommend everyone to go see them.
– Robert Jr Mathieu
iPhone Repair
Great service and knowledgeable staff at this little repair shop on Guy street. Repaired my busted phone in 30 minutes for a very reasonable price, I highly recommend!
– jenanderson40
iPhone Repair
Great service!! Super fast. My phone was repaired in 30min. Update: I also had a problem After with the updates on my phone(not their fault at all) and they helped me fix it right away . No hesitation, this business I will recommend to others in the area. Super job ! This makes me really happy.
– Mél Anie
iPhone Repair
Best services, professional work, highly recommend for less prices and professional work. Best customer service specially with a speedyEllie ?‍⚕️ ????? ??
– WMMarket
iPhone Repair
I recommend this place to anyone that is looking for professional job. They did it in a speedy manner.
– Ali K
iPhone Repair
This is the second time I went to Reda Solutions to repair my devices. The owner provided excellent service at a reasonable price. He was always prompt, professional and honest. I highly recommend Reda.
– Ernest Wong

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